Author Allan Leverone
Book 9 of the
Tracie Tanner Thrillers

Someone is stealing classified material
and murdering American citizens…

And only one person can stop him
but she’s being hunted by the KGB…

Book 4 of the
Jack Sheridan Pulp Thrillers

Jack Sheridan is back on The Organization’s roster, and has accepted a contract on mob kingpin Rocco Spinelli, a man responsible for the deaths of multiple innocents.

If he’s not careful, his first assignment since returning to The Organization may end up being his last…

A Paskagankee Novel

When high school student Jake Beebe finds what he believes is an ancient book of magic, his curiosity is piqued.

But when he decides to attempt one of the tricks inside, Jake unwittingly calls forth an entity as old as time itself…

A Noir / Crime Novella

When homeless junkie Derek Weaver gets into his dealer for more money than he can repay, he’s offered a choice: steal enough jewelry to cover the debt or take a one-way ride into the Atlantic on a lobster boat.

But things go sideways and Derek finds himself on the run…

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Allan Leverone

Allan spent nearly the first fifty years of his life engrossed in books, convinced the people who wrote them were magicians, capable of conjuring characters and situations out of thin air.

In the fall of 2006 he threw caution to the wind and started work on his first novel, unsure of what to expect but determined to try.

Twenty-seven books and countless short stories later, he’s still uncertain what to expect, but still pounding the keys of his computer, conjuring characters and situations, still trying to be a magician.

Author Allan Leverone


Allan Leverone raises the stakes and turns the screws until you’re left holding your breath…
—Hilary Davidson, Anthony Award-winning author of One Small Sacrifice

Parallax View…is a powerhouse full-throttle spy thriller…it will keep you up, and on the edge of your chair, long into the night.
Nashua Sunday Telegraph