Standalone Thrillers

Final Vector

Air traffic controller Nick Jensen’s life is in a shambles. His wife Lisa has died following a horrific car wreck and the authorities suspect foul play. He finds evidence suggesting Lisa, a Pentagon auditor, had discovered potentially treasonous material on a fellow employee’s computer, a man who also winds up dead.

Desperate to escape the pain, Nick buries himself in his work and is on duty at the radar ATC facility serving Boston’s Logan International Airport on the night U.S. President Robert Cartwright is scheduled to fly into Boston. Armed terrorists storm the facility, killing the security staff and taking Nick’s fellow controller hostage as he works.

Nick manages to escape capture, but with time running out, must use the information from his murdered wife to unravel the terrorists’ plot and stop an assassination while outnumbered, unarmed and on the run…

Flight 12

FBI Special Agent Kristin Cunningham is still recovering from injuries suffered preventing the assassination of U.S. President Robert Cartwright. Assigned to desk duty, Kristin is thrilled learn she’s been recruited to take part in an undercover sting designed to break up a brutal Russian Mafia human sex trafficking ring.

Kristin’s assignment is simple: play a frightened teen kidnap victim in an attempt to identify and apprehend the highest-level members of the organization. But almost immediately the sting begins to unravel.

Soon Kristin finds herself unarmed and bound, taken prisoner by a desperate, highly volatile man. Now she must focus on staying alive, matching wits with a cunning criminal who has nothing to lose…

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