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The Nuclear Option

Book 8 Now Available

When black ops specialist Tracie Tanner is tasked infiltrating the home of a Russian general to acquire intel on a rumored advance in Soviet radar technology, she is shocked to discover something far more terrifying: a shadowy group of Russian radicals has stolen a tactical nuclear device from a supposedly secure Soviet military base.

Fearing the device will be detonated inside an American city to spark World War Three, CIA Director Aaron Stallings orders Tracie to get a line on the bomb’s location by any means necessary.

But when she does, she learns the radicals have a different plan for their prize.

And Tracie Tanner may be the only one who can prevent an epic tragedy—if only she can survive long enough to do so…

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The Soviet Assassin

Book 7

Last winter, tasked with rooting out and eliminating the man responsible for a Soviet plot targeting American assets for murder by poisoning, Tracie Tanner captured and tortured a KGB operative in order to extract critical intelligence.

In a decision she will come to regret, she spared the KGB operative’s life. Now he’s back and determined to make her suffer as much as humanly possible before ending her life.

And someone close to Tracie will die as a result.

Grief-stricken and haunted by guilt, once again operating alone and without backup, Tracie Tanner must hunt down and eliminate the Soviet assassin.

Or die trying.

The Bashkir Extraction

Book 6

When a secret Russian military installation is discovered in the Soviet satellite nation of Bashkir, nestled deep in the Ural Mountains, Tracie Tanner is tasked with surveilling the base and then briefing CIA specialists on her findings.

But once on site, Tracie is astonished to observe a fellow CIA officer—a man Tracie has worked with in the past—being paraded into the facility.

Instantly her mission changes from simple to nearly suicidal: she must find a way inside the heavily fortified base and then extract her fellow operative. Driven by the knowledge that she holds the life and future of another American solely in her hands, Tracie soon finds herself facing a staggering moral and ethical dilemma.

There is no good outcome.

And she may not escape Bashkir with her life.

The Kremlyov Infection

Book 5

CIA operatives in the Soviet Union are dying, one by one, all after exhibiting the same frightening symptoms: weakness, vomiting, hair loss, hemorrhage, death.

When it becomes clear the cause of death is radiation poisoning, CIA Director Aaron Stallings unleashes his most secret weapon: Tracie Tanner. Her assignment is simple. She will travel to Moscow, identify the men murdering American assets, and stop the killers by any means necessary.

The assignment is straightforward, necessary, and nearly impossible. And if it doesn’t kill her, it just might change her forever.

The Hitler Deception

Book 4

When an anonymous, elderly West German man disappears, Tracie Tanner is dispatched in a desperate search to locate the legendary Amber Room key, utterly unique and critical to unlocking the mystery of a cache of treasure missing for more than four decades.

Worth an unimaginable sum, the Amber Room treasure stands at the center of a frightening plot featuring a man believed to have taken his own life at the end of World War II but who may, in fact, be very much alive: Adolph Hitler.

And only Tracie Tanner stands between the most bloodthirsty killer of the twentieth century and the seat he has been waiting so long to retake: his place atop the Thousand Year Reich.

The Omega Connection

Book 3

When top executives at a key defense department contractor are brutally murdered, CIA Director Aaron Stallings unleashes his most secret weapon: beautiful black ops specialist Tracie Tanner. With instructions to follow the evidence wherever it leads and stop the killers at any cost, Tanner finds herself operating alone and without backup deep inside a hostile Communist regime.

With nonstop action in Washington D.C., Miami and Havana, and an unforgettable showdown deep in the Florida Everglades, THE OMEGA CONNECTION will leave you breathless…

All Enemies

Book 2

When Secretary of State J. Robert Humphries is kidnapped from his D.C. home at gunpoint, all evidence points to the Soviet Union as the guilty party, and suddenly the U.S. teeters on the brink of war.

Still recovering form her injuries suffered earlier in the summer, covert ops specialist Tracie Tanner is tasked with following the evidence and recovering Humphries safely from the Soviets.

But there’s one problem, and it’s a big one—Tracie’s not convinced the Soviets are involved. Soon she’s ruffling feathers, risking her career, and putting her life on the line, betting everything on a hunch that might just get her killed and result in the start of World War III.

Parallax View

Book 1

CIA Covert operative Tracie Tanner is given a relatively straightforward assignment: deliver a Top Secret document from Moscow to the White House. But what she doesn’t know is that a shadowy faction made up of Russian extremists will stop at nothing—including crashing her plane—to prevent that delivery.

Forced to go on the run and with no idea who to trust, all Tracie knows is she must somehow get to the president while staying ahead of an ever-mounting body count and keeping a civilian alive…

The Tracie Tanner Collection

Tracie Tanner works alone. She operates in the shadows and on the edge, bending some rules and breaking others to protect the country she has sworn to defend from its most dangerous enemies.

As quick-witted and resourceful as she is beautiful and dedicated to her mission, Tracie Tanner will soon become your newest must-read heroine. Check out this highly regarded three-book set and see if you don’t agree.

The Tracie Tanner Collection contains the novels Parallax View, All Enemies and The Hitler Deception.

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